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Now That's Recycling!


This news story made me smile. It seems so appropriate for summertime, as our kids are at loose ends and spend their days exploring, playing make-believe, and learning in their own intuitive ways.

"UK School Children Build a Greenhouse out of Recycled Plastic Bottles"


Sustainable Magazines

Green America logo

Just like photographers, magazine publishers can make greener choices in their line of work. Wouldn't you love to see Professional Photographer and Rangefinder printed on eco-friendly paper? Check out Green America's magazine PAPER Project. "The PAPER Project works to preserve the health of forests, human health, and communities by encouraging magazine publishers to make environmental commitments. We educate publishers about their papers' impacts and help them adopt environmentally preferable alternatives."

This is a mission that we at Greener Photography can relate to for sure! Click here to read more. Then, email your favorite photography magazine and send them a link and ask them to consider greener alternatives.

Earth Day Webcast - Friday April 22nd 2011 10AM-1PM Pacific


Free Earth Day Webcast 10AM-1PM Pacific!

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Phone-only info:
 Conference ID: 996792#
        Primary Number: (617) 449-7724
        Backup Number: (614) 384-5247
        Local Numbers: http://InstantTeleseminar.com/Local/

Speakers include:

Prizes from:

  • Free consultation from Rough Mountain Studios
  • $75 Gift Certificate from Wild Sorbet Frame & Design
  • 16x20 eco-canvas from ProDPI
  • Bamboo Fine Art 16x20 Eco Framed Print from Simply Color Lab
  • Plywerk is providing an eco-conscious photo mounting
  • $100 lab credit to Bay Photo (applied to new orders placed through Bay ROES)
  • 3 prizes of  - A FREE box of Press Printed Cards from Bay Photo - Choose from any style Flat, Folded, or our NEW Creative Edge and select from a wide variety of paper choices.


New DSLR made from Recycled Plastics

Sony Alpha Series Camera Body made from recycled CDs and DVDs

E-Waste reaches new heights! Sony demonstrates how to upcycle:

At the recent Consumer and Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Sony revealed that a total of 21 different exterior parts of the Sony a55 (Alpha) camera body use recycled plastics from optical disc manufacturing (CDs and DVDs). Kudos to Sony, which uses over 15,000 tons of this material annually in various products, including TVs, PCs and cameras.

The technology is out there - who will be the next manufacturing hero to step it up?

Ski Area Eco Report Card


Got snow? The Ski Area Citizen's Coalition has released their 2011 Ski Area Report Card. It grades the environmental impacts of Western U.S. ski area operations in four categories:

  • habitat protection
  • protecting watersheds
  • addressing global climate change
  • environmental practicies and policies

Nice to see an organization looking at this!

Top ten list is here; their top three:

  1. Squaw Valley USA (CA)
  2. Park City Mountain Resort (UT)
  3. Alpine Meadows Skia Area (CA)

Worst ten list is here; their worst three:

  1. Breckenridge Ski Resort (C))
  2. Sun Valley Resort (ID)
  3. Arizona Snowbowl (AZ)

They even have a cool function where you can autosend emails to the resorts listed, text already filled out, to say "great job!" or "do better!" Do your part by choosing an eco-sensitive snow resort this winter.



New Marketing Greener Portraits Article in Professional Photographer magazine


Leadership Circle and co-founder Dawn Tacker's article, "Marketing Yourself as a Greener Portrait Photographer," was published in PPA's Professional Photographer magazine. Check it out and tell us what you think in the comments section!


California passes a ban on plastic bags (I heart my adopted state)

A lovely thing to read on the front of the San Diego Union-Tribune today! Here's a link to the full article. To paraphrase: we'll be the first state to ban grocery stores from offering plastic bags starting in January 2012. We'll have to bring our own, or pay five cents a bag for paper bags. Woot!

Why should you care? Check out these numbers:

  • 19 billion plastic bags are used each year by Californians (how embarassing)
  • 552 plastic bags are used by EACH Californian every year (wowza)
  • A measly 5-6% of plastic materials are recycled in California each year (what??)
  • It takes 500-1,000 years for a plastic bag to degrade (not to mention those horrible images of the Pacific Gyre, a.k.a. the Great Garbage Patch)

What creative things have you done to cut down on the number of disposable bags you use? What other ideas can you share about reducing your plastic consumption?

One idea from my family... we store our canvas grocery bags in the car. There is no other way we have been able to remember to bring them to the store with us - because we are parents and have lost most of our brain capacity. Even when I hang them ON THE DOORKNOB OF THE FRONT DOOR to take them with me, I forget them. So now after unloading the groceries, the rule is they go right back into the car. It also helps having them there for those spontaneous shopping expeditions.

Best Car for an Eco-Family?

Toyota Prius

So the good news is that I walked away from a fairly bad accident with just one scraped knuckle and whiplash. The bad news is that our beloved Prius is bring written off by our insurance company. The really bad news is that our HOV stickers are also toast. We love our Prius. It works well for our family of four plus Labrador. I use it for client meetings, even hauling my long projection screen around for ordering sessions. True, it is not ideal for carpooling as we can get just two child car seats in the back seats. But we manage. At any rate - by necessity the search is on for a replacement car.

During my research I ran across this hybrid car scorecard compiled by the Union of Concerned Scientists. They gave the Prius a score of 9.8 out of ten. Their scorecard has good, solid information about all available hybrids in the U.S. When we first purchased our Prius in 2006, it was an unusual choice, with limited availability. But then, as now, we like the idea of making a major purchase that supports alternative energy technology.

We are taking the time to consider the whole carpooling thing, especially as our oldest is entering first grade this Fall. My husband and I have a running joke about (not) getting a minivan. An SUV just does not fit our environmental values. I did some research on hybrid SUVs, which all seem rather pointless - we'd be better off just getting a gas-driven with good fuel efficiency.

I was hoping to find that electric cars were an option; but I think we'll sit out this first generation of all-electric vehicles. With a 100-mile maximum radius, the five-passenger Nissan Leaf is *almost* viable, I think, if California continues to install high-speed charging stations.

We are drifting towards purchasing another Prius. Did I mention we *really* love this car? If we can find a good deal on a used one, that would be more eco-friendly, methinks. But with the price of a new 2010 Prius being very close to prices for recent used models...well, stay tuned, we'll eventually have to return our temporary rental car. Which, not so coincidentally, happens to be a Prius.

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