Finao's new artONE Fine Art Album


Finao is utilizing Hahnemühle German Etching paper for its new "artONE" fine art album which is made from 100% cotton and pure alpha cellulose.

"Cellulose is considered the greenest of the green because it is an inherently recycled material. It is the most common organic compound on Earth.  Cellulose is the structural component of the primary cell wall of green plants, many forms of algae and the oomycetes" says Finao co-founder and self-confessed 'steam that drives [Finao's] decisions', Christine Perry-burke. 

So what about albums created on bamboo or sugar cane? Are these albums any greener than a cotton/cellulose base product? Sugar Cane and Bamboo are first reduced to cellulose before being made into paper making the artONE one of the greenest album alternatives in the marketplace.

"Our ink choice is considered the best there is. It has the highest Wilhelm rating for color fastness.  We choose these more expensive materials because we know they produce a better product without compromising our core company policies."

Finao will deliver a "Certificate of Authenticity" with every album to assure your clients that their album is an original piece of art.



Here are some ways Finao strives to deliver quality environmentally-friendly products and create greener solutions: 

• "pleathers" are all PVC free.

• Do not use hides that have been tanned in Asia.

• Product packaging is completely green: 
* Hand-made recycled pineapple leaf paper used for wrapping   
* Hand-made recycled Mulberry leaves used for the ribbons   
* Mulberry skeleton leaves used for decoration   
* Natural kraft tissue used in wrapping and packaging   
* Corn starch peanuts used as packing materials   
* Paper tape used to seal all boxes   
* Completely recyclable cardboard used for packing and shipping

• All packing is made from all natural organic materials that can be reused and recycled.

• Packaging peanuts received from Seldex are biodegradable and any unused peanuts are recycled to a pack and ship facility.

• Every possible scrap of paper, glass, metal and plastic is recycled.

• Finao albums are constructed from as many natural, post consumer, and completely recyclable materials as possible.

• Everything is made by hand.

• Finao products are made in the USA, as are all their component parts.

• All of our associates have excellent working conditions, a great heath care plan, and completely paid leave and holidays. 


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Thanks for sharing

Great to know about this new album option. I'll definitely be checking it out!

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