Greenzu Solar PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)


I've heard of a company out there that will pay to install and maintain solar panels on your commercial building, then you buy back the electricity.  So no upfront cost and a price per Kw/H 10-20% less then your current provider.

Too good to be true?  You tell us.  Has anyone out there done this?  Please share!!



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Solar PPAs

Sorry to be responding to this after so many months! There are quite a few companies providing such offers and they are indeed legit, though I can't comment on this specific provider. There are two big catches:

1. You need to use enough electricity to make the numbers work, generally a bill of at least $100/month.
2. Generally, you will save more money over the long term by purchasing solar panels outright, particularly if you are in an area that has solar incentives which are generally available at the state, municipality and from your local electric utility.

A great resource to find out about specific incentives is maintained by the US dept of Energy and available at:

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