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There are plenty of reasons why. The main thing is that it helps in delivering the message without exerting much effort on the part of the photographer.

When one does drone photography he or she does not need to spend much time and money on hiring a plane to come and photograph the landscape for them. This creates a lot of savings especially when you’re considering shooting aerial shots of the beach or scenic mountain top views, or perhaps you’re shooting of the ocean as part of your marketing campaign.

Even when one shoots aerial shots it does not matter if there are children around as the aerial shots photograph will go straight down to the beach and even down to the beach house.

There are two types of aerial shots

Shooting from the sky: These are shots of a landscape that was shot by a airplane with a long lens. When a long lens is used for aerial shots, it creates a different type of effect. This is because the camera lens is going up and then it comes down to photograph the landscape.

The problem is that long lens can have a lot of distortion in the shots. That means that the land area and sky area do not look straight. In some cases, there may even be a crooked horizon line. This can have a detrimental affect on the overall composition. Even if the shot is not very good, there is a possibility that it can be corrected easily with editing software. For this reason, when it comes to shooting aerial shots, it is advisable to use a standard lens. This lens can give a clear and straight landscape. Shooting from the ground: These are shots of a landscape that was shot by a standard lens. This type of lens has a minimal effect on the pictures. In some cases, these types of lenses are preferred because it makes the pictures look clearer. Shooting with a standard lens will have no impact on the composition. This type of lens can be used for shooting of aerial photos.

Aerial shots may be taken using a drone or with an aerial drone.

While drone shots require a lot of skills and experience, the aerial drone shots requires a lot of time. It takes a lot of training for the pilot to do aerial shots with a drone. It is actually a new profession that has just started.

There are a lot of specialized software applications that you can use to edit the aerial drone photos. This is because the camera lens is in a way rotating. It takes a lot of skill to edit the drone photos.

Some editing programs have a lot of functions. Some of them are photo editing tools. Some are photo manipulation tools. The drone photos editor is just designed to work within a specific process.

With the drone shots, you just have to select the aerial drone pictures and click “send”. This will bring up a new folder in your computer with all the aerial drone photos. There are a lot of ways to create aerial drone photos. All you need is just use any of the tools that is available.